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The Jokes of Life

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Chapter 11

Rogue was walking in the park when two strong arms snaked around her waist. Remy deeply inhaled scent of his beloved.

“Missed moi, ma Cherie?” Rogue smiled and leaned on Remy. Her back on his chest.

“Why should Ah? Do Ah know you, mister?” Remy leaned in and kissed her lips.

“And now?” he murmured in her ear.

“Hmm… Something familiar…” she purred the answer.

“You are insulting Remy, don’ you?”

Rogue laughed and turned to her beloved. “Ah’m just teasing you, sugar!” she kissed his lips. “Am Ah forgiven?”

“Maybe…” Remy smiled and got another kiss. “Cherie, you be de death of moi!” he exclaimed and passionately kissed her back.

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The Jokes of Life

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Chapter 10

Sweet scent entered the room through opened door leading to the balcony. It’s spring. Rogue, her eyes closed, inhaled deeply: first flowers, first greenery, first warm wind, though it’s a little chilly in the mornings. The air is fool of spring!

Though it was early for Rogue to get up on Sundays, she decided to make an exception and grace everyone by her presence on the breakfast. Today she was in good mood (like the all previous week) and decided to have a walk on afternoon.

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Chapter 9

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The Jokes of Life. Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Rogue passed by the Mall. After a talk with Kitty on her phone, Rogue took a day off for today to sort out her thoughts. Her roommate sounded really worried at first, but then calmed down when she heard Rogue's voice.


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Chapter 7. The second joke

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Chapter 7. The second joke.

Rogue was walking down the street of Bayville. It was Sunday morning and she decided to have a walk before her breakfast. The sun was shining brightly and Rogue didn’t care if it was creepy for the world around her to see the Goth smiling. After her talk with Kitty Rogue had a lot on her mind and fresh air was the best way to sort out this kind of things.

“Hey, girly!” she heard someone calling after her. She turned around to see three middle-aged men approaching her. “Would you like to have some fun with us?” Her glare gave them the straight answer, but they didn’t want to give up so fast. “You should be more hostile to alder age,” they were already five steps from her. “I think we should teach you how to behave yourself.” Rogue was in her defending stance ready to kick their asses when she heard other footsteps behind her. She turned around but it was too late to dodge the hit on her head. She lost her balance and fell to the ground but still was conscious and was trying to get up.

‘I’m so gonna teach you a lesson!’ she thought hearing their laughing. But by the moment she got up from the ground and was standing as steady as she could at that moment all of her attackers were lying unconscious.

“What tha hell…” she thought looking around and struggling with dizziness.

“Are you Ok, cherie?” Rogue shocked turned around to see another middle-aged man talking with familiar Cajun accent. He had long blond hair made in ponytail, big blew eyes full of concern and long worn out coat – that’s all she could notice before she blacked out.

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Chapter 6. The conversation

“Did you miss dis Cajun, cherie?” The doors of the elevator closed behind Gambit.

“What tha Hell are you doing, Gambit!” Rogue spat.

“Hello to you too, my dear wife.”

Rogue shocked stared at him.

“And all Remy had t’do t’ find you, was to sing de contract wit’ some crazy man hungry for world. Bravo, cherie. You can make a man do crazy t’ings.”

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Chapter 5.

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Chapter 4. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Рейтинг NC-17!

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Chapter 3. Meet the Acolytes

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Well, this one is very short, but you have my word, that the next one will be more… mmm … Ha-ha! Like I’d tell you! ;P

Chapter 3. Meet the Acolytes.

The annoying sound of the alarm clock woke Rogue up from her dreamland, back to the cruel reality. The bright sun blinded her, and she once more remembered why she hated mornings: blinding sunlight, crowded halls of the Institute, and long-long-LONG turns to the bathroom. Especially now: all mutant kind was exposed.

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I'm HAPPY!!! Они меня любят!

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25 декабря выложила наконец-то (!!!) новую главу к одному из моих фанфов на Fanfiction.net и сегодня решила посмотреть что же они мне написали в комментах к главе. Этот меня тронул до глубины души:
"I'm liking this so far, and it's only getting more interesting!! i'm sure jean-luc knows what he's saying so remy's going to have an interesting chat with rogue (yay can't wait to see rogue and remy meeting again). I found a couple of typos but hey i understand you perfectly, english can be very tricky!! the important thing is that we're here to share our fics with other fans, and those not from english speaking countries to try to improve our english in the process, isn't that kind of cool?? Anyway nice update!!
take care"

Я ИХ ОБАЖАЮ!!!!!:heart::heart:

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The Jikes of Life. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2. Good morning, sunshine!

The darkness surrounded her. She was in the air, like in vacuum.

"What’s going on?" Her tongue didn’t want to move.

The sound of her voice like a sea wave knocked against the wall of emptiness and hundredfold increased, deafened the girl with its peal. Rogue grasped her aching head. Then she heard a thunder.

"Stop!", yet the thunder didn’t calm down; instead it came with another force.

Someone grabbed her covered hand.

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The Jikes of Life. Chapter 1

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Не долго думая, я решила опубликовать здесь один из своих фанфов. Но (ха!) он на английском языке!:smiletxt: т.к. писался он для англоязычной аудитории. И выложен туточки.
Фанф написан по м/с Люди Икс: Эволюция. Если наберется 2 человека, желающие причитать фик, но они не знают английского, то я обещаю перевести его на русский язык.

Название: The Jokes of Life
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Пэйринг: Гамбит/Роуг
Любофф + Комедия

Chapter 1. The Meeting.

Rogue was lying on her back on her bed in hotel room which she sheared with Kitty. All parts of her body ached. She wanted only one thing right now – long deep sleep. At least till the moment when Logan knocks at the door of her room in five minutes before their leaving back to New York. Rogue with all her hart hoped that in next few hours no one’ll interrupt her.

Eight hours ago Prof. Xavier told his Xmen to drop all their business, get dressed in their uniforms and get in to the Blackbird. They flew to the LasVegas looking for new antimutant group called the Friends Of Humanity. Now, having saved innocent people and having stopped the “bad gyese”, Prof. gave to his heroes one day-off. Kurt and Bobby took Scott to the casino, Ororo, Xavier and Logan went to the restaurant and the rest of them (all the girls except Rogue of cause) went for shopping.

Rogue angrily roared in her pillow. Why is she here anyway? She’s been at Xavier’s school for gifted for two years already hoping to get control of her powers. To be able to touch someone not sending the person to coma… Two years… Maybe Irene was right making the girl to cover herself and wear the gloves because of her “skin condition”. Another way it would have been more torture for her… Seeing everybody touching each other, hugging, kissing… In the Mansion when Rogue enters the room all the talks stopped, Scott and Jean leave for another place remembering about “forgotten things”… to go there where SHE wouldn’t bother them… Rogues crush on Scott had passed long ago, she can deal with that. But feeling everyone’s at the Mansion sorry for her, seeing heir’s playing like there is no touch in the nature made her angrier. She hated pity, sorry. She was the Rogue.

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